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Visa Forms, Invitation letters and other requirements

• Visa Application form for Schengen visa
• Visa Application form for Long stay visa
• Invitation letter for Tourist Visa
• Invitation letter for Business Visa
• Business Visa Requirements
• Tourist Visa Requirements
• Visiting Friends and Family Documents requirement
• Family Reunion General Documets requirement
• Study Visa Check list of Documents
• Financial resources required for admission to Italy
• List of approved insurance companies

Visa fee for the period of  01/04/2014  till  30/06/2014

Short Stay Visa “C” (Schengen visa) up to 90 days   8,710/- PKR
Short Stay Visa “C” (Schengen visa) between 6-12 years old  5,080/- PKR
Long Stay Visa “D” (National Visa) over 90 days           16,830/- PKR

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